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Let It Go

Jacob had a dilemma. Years earlier, he had lost his favourite son Joseph and had never gotten over the loss. But he had to move on and live his life, which he tried to do. Then a famine came. He sent his sons to buy food from Egypt but they returned with horrible news. Not only had the Egyptian prime minister suspected then of being spies, he had also seized Simeon their brother and declared that he would only believe their claims of innocence if they came back with their youngest brother, Benjamin.
Of course, Jacob wasn’t going to allow that. His favourite wife Rachael had only borne two sons- Joseph and Benjamin. Rachael was dead, Joseph was dead. He’d rather die than lose Benjamin too.
But as the days wore on, he watched the food which his children and grandchildren ate diminish slowly and he wondered how long he could hold on. Would he hold everyone’s stomachs ransom because he did not want another broken heart? He had lost a wife and two children- but would the rest starve because…
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Work And Pray

How would I feel if someone forcibly carried me away from my home to their country as a slave?

Not happy is an understatement. Would I pray for them? Yes. That God would punish them. Would I pray for them to have peace and prosper?

No. Definitely not!

I haven't thought about the fact that should there be war or famine among them, I'd be affected because I live there too. And should things be good there, I'll enjoy (a little bit) because I'm there.

But my beastly human nature says, "I don't care if I'm affected too. Let them suffer as they made me suffer". But how would it help me? Would suffering first in my homeland and later in my land of captivity help me? No.

When the Israelites were carried away captive to Babylon, this is what God told them:

"Work to see that the city where I sent you as exiles enjoys peace and prosperity. Pray to the LORD for it. For as it prospers you will prosper." (Her 29:7, NET).

Now if God asked slaves to pray fo…

Moses' Excuses

Moses will always be remembered as the great prophet who led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the promised land in Canaan. In fact, the Bible says there has never been any prophet like him with regards to fellowship with God and signs and wonders (Deuteronomy 34:10-12). 
Yet when God called and commissioned him, Moses like most of us was very reluctant to go. After his failed attempt at helping his people and living as a shepherd for forty years, he certainly had lost his confidence and fire.
These are the objections he tried to give God:
1. Who am I? (Exodus 3:11)

2. They will not believe me and will doubt that I really saw God. (Exodus 4:1)

3. I am not eloquent (Exodus 4:11)

4. Send someone else pleeeeaaassseeee. (Exodus 4:13)

Nevertheless, God who had called and chosen him from his mother's womb was patient and persistent. He promised to be with Moses every step of the way and He will be with you too.
After Moses had exhausted his list of excuses, he obeyed and became t…

Seeing Jesus

How will it be to see Jesus?
His eyes are pools of love, I'm sure
There are holes in His hands and feet
Reminders of his great sacrifice
Which He made while on the cross

How will it be to see Jesus?
To have my eyes opened to Him?
I'm sure He'll be wearing a robe
And be more beautiful than I can imagine
Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus

How will it be to see Jesus?
Will He be shining like John saw?
 What will He say unto me?
Will I be able to respond?
Oh Jesus, blessed Christ

How will it be to see Jesus?
To stretch forth my hands to meet His?
I'm sure there'll be tears in my eyes
I'll be dazzled and speechless with wonder
And like Thomas, I know I'll say,
"My Lord and my God!"



The Spider is dead
The first star is fallen
Gone are the cobwebs that had me cowering

The crutches are broken
The second star is fallen
Somehow, I must move without falling

The darkness has fled
The third star is fallen
I'll get used to the light that's so blinding

Christ on the water calls
The fourth star is fallen
I have to walk on water without sinking

Somehow I must pick up the pieces and move on
I must walk on the water with Christ

I'm walking on water
I'm walking without crutches
I'm flying without wings
Christ is my light

Let In The Light

Imagine a room. A dark room. A cold dark room where the windows and door are tightly shut. Where you have to grope about to find your way cause your eyes can't get used to this darkness. You need light but the windows are barred shut.

Maybe your life is as dark as this room and you're groping and stumbling, trying to find your way. Perhaps you're confused and you don't know what to do. You need clear, specific direction on what to do and where to go. So what do you do?

Turn to the door.

And open it.

And let the light flood in. Let it bring freshness and warmth and clarity of vision.

Let in the light of God's word to guide you and live a fulfilling life. 

Psalm 119: 130  Your instructions are a doorway through which light shines. They give insight to the untrained

Stalker God?

One Sunday during a church Bible study on salvation, the Bible study leader spoke about the coming judgement and told us that God keeps a record of the things we do and we will be judged according to our works.

Someone asked why God follows us recording everything we do to judge us on the last day when He Himself had said we're saved when we believe in Christ.

The leader asked the congregation if any of us had an answer and I shared my opinion. I gave quite a lengthy explanation on the difference between the judgment of Christians and the judgment of the world, the various crowns and rewards that will be given on the last day, and the fact that our lives are an eternal record of the glory of God and an example to the world.

Everyone seemed to like what I said and I was applauded. After church, one of the junior pastors told me that he liked my answer during the Bible study class and I left, feeling a warm glow inside.
As I thought about it, my mind was opened and I understood. How wro…